Gill Stannard

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Warming up in winter

It’s chilly outside and one of the best ways to warm up is to exercise. Here are some creative ideas to get you moving this winter.

1. Take up dancing. Whether it’s a Salsa class or a bit of belly dancing – classes can keep you motivated and can be great for your social life. If nothing else crank up the music and dance at home.

2. Rug up and go for a walk. When the sky lightens and patches of blue appear, grab the opportunity while its lasts and head out for a walk. Did you know that some new or recently renovated houses emit more toxic gasses than the city on a smog alert day? Getting out of home or work and into the fresh air is worth the effort.

3. Do something new. Winter is the perfect time to learn new skills – consider an adult swim or stroke correction class, circus skills or trampolining. Or reconnect with a childhood activity like ice skating, roller blading or skipping.

And while you have exercise on your mind, check out a recent article on exercise myths from Choice while it is available free online.

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Ann oDyne said...

and don't forget to breathe properly ... most people don't breathe properly.
Filling those lungs properly even when you are inert achieves an aerobic optimum.

(pant pant pant - collapse)