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Wednesday, January 07, 2009


First day back at work and I would like to pretend I was ready and rearing to go but lets be honest, who actually relishes a return to working life after a summer holiday? What lifted me out of any hint of a funk was cruising Melissa’s* site over breakfast and her most recent post blew me out of the water.

While her advice to “Go forth and play. No excuses!” was a good enough start to the day it was the video she posted that was the most inspirational 5 minutes I’ve spent for a while. I’d never heard of Matthew Sanford, yoga teacher extraordinaire, before but now he is my new hero. Not just because he teaches one of the most strenuous form of exercise – as a paraplegic but his mind/body philosophy is spot on.

You can find out more about Matthew at his website or by reading his (ironically titled) book “Walking”.

On the subject of putting one foot before the other, I read Gill Hicks autobiography “One Unknown” over the break. Most Australians are familiar with her name, as an expat caught in the 7/7 bombings in London. What is remarkable about her story is not just her honest account of becoming a double amputee in the time it takes to click your fingers but also her work with the Forgiveness Project and her commitment to peace.

Reading Gill’s story made me appreciate the simple joy of feeling the sand beneath my feet last week as I took refuge from the hot weather with a few days at the beach.

I hope 2009 is full of simple pleasures for you and that there is a growing consciousness for peace in our troubled world.

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