Gill Stannard

Monday, February 18, 2008


What makes you happy?

It’s a simple enough question but up to a quarter on my new clients tend to stumble on it. Happiness is as individual as humour, we know what it is but to evoke it in each of us has different triggers.

So help out the happiness deprived and share some ideas about what makes you happy.

Here are some things that give me the warm fuzzies:

Watching small creatures frolicking – be it a child, cat or dog, that totally unconscious bliss of being in the moment.

Evocative scents – daphne, jasmine, freshly baked bread, a lawn that’s just be mowed, a babies head, lemon scented gum trees, the bush after the rain.

Laughing – especially with other people, a good belly laugh over something totally silly.

Walking – just the commuter walk to work on my own will set my head up in a good space for the rest of the day. But amidst nature (if the snakes are at bay) is even better.

Swimming in clear water.

A massage or even a good head rub.

A cat purring on my lap.

Good food with good company.

Genuine compliments – I got a great one this morning for a vol at RRR – thanks Alicia :)

Now it’s your turn.


Anonymous said...

getting a seat on the tram in the morning

Anonymous said...

Having a lane to myself at the swimming pool. Come to think of it, having the time to go for a swim.

Anonymous said...

The sun shining again after a long winter - yah!