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Monday, November 07, 2005

Moving the fluid

Highlights from todays show on RRR.

Some tips on easing simple* fluid retention

food: eat lots of vegetables - especially celery and parsley which have diuretic properties and are high in potassium
fish is your best source of protein and oily fish is high in anti inflammatory goodness
raw nuts, seeds and brown rice

water: enough but not too much - aim for 2 litres

exercise is vital - regular and gentle to begin with

if necessary, cool off in a cold shower or have a tepid foot bath

Fluid retention and PMS
add 50-150 mg of B6 for the days you have fluid retention, on top of a full spectrum B complex throughout the month

* some medicines such as 'the pill' and other hormones, steroids and hypertensive medication can cause fluid retention

Fluid moving herbal tea
equal quantities of organic nettle and dandelion leaf, 1-2 teaspoons per cup, brew 5 minutes
(for flavour add peppermint if you want)

and also: consider lymphatic massage, elevate your legs and check for food allergies

* fluid retention can also be a sign of heart, kidney and lung disease, malnutrition and deep vein thrombosis, what I am talking about here is getting puffy feet or hands on a hot day

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