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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

2 quick and healthy recipes

When it comes to food, I walk the talk, or rather eat it. Good food should be both easy to make and taste great. Here are 2 very quick dishes to start with.

Avocado dip with crudités

I made this up when on the raw foods detox last month and have found it quite addictive. It is surprisingly filling and 100% healthy so you can feel virtuous.

Mash a ripe avocado, add a generous teaspoon or two of tahini (sesame paste), crushed garlic and lemon juice to taste.

Cut up some raw vegetables – what ever you like - carrot and daikon, celery, cucumber and capsicum are delicious. Scoop big chunks of dip on the raw veges and chew with a benevolent look on your face (optional, but scowling while eating this just wont work).

Asian style omelette roll up

This makes a simple and speedy lunch or even breakfast.

I think Nigella came up with this in her program on temple food, but I have taken the egg and run with it a little. Variations on this are limited only by the scope of your culinary imagination.

In a small nonstick fry pan sauté some spring onion, finely sliced fresh shitake mushrooms (for this there is no substitute in the mushroom world) and thin shavings of garlic in a little raw sesame oil (or whatever plain vegetable oil you have at hand).

Beat 1 organic egg with a few drops of tamari (a type of soy sauce). Pour over the sauted vegies, leave on a low heat til cooked. You might need to flip it to finish it off if you are impatient. You have created a thin asian style omelette/pancake studded with thin slices of flavour.

Take a piece mountain bread (oat is my favourite). Add a spoonful of your favourite relish, chutney or pickle. Place slices of omelette on top and some crunchy lettuce and roll up.

You can do different flavours and toppings – fresh ginger goes well. You can skip the chutney/pickle but I tend to put a thin scraping of Thomy mayonnaise on otherwise its too dry.

Great for kids - hide grated carrot and other vegetable delights and they may never notice!

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