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Friday, January 30, 2009

Feb Fast - sign up or DIY

Febfast is here and it is not too late to join in with the spirit. Other than giving your body a break from alcohol (or other substances of your choice) for the shortest month of the year it is a great way to save money and recover from the excesses of Christmas.

By signing up to Febfast you have the opportunity to raise money for some great youth substance and alcohol abuse programs by getting your friends to sponsor you. There is also the support of the team and some great tips throughout the month to keep you on track.

DIY Febfast

Make a plan: Think through what might help you make your booze-free month work for you. Consider filling in your friends and family with your plans to ask for their support, avoid the Friday night drinks after work, plan other activities like going to the movies, catching up with friends for brunch or starting a new exercise routine.

Keep a journal: Sometimes changing our habits bring up emotions that we’ve lost touch with. Jot down what you are observing about yourself and others through this time.Do certain people seem to have a vested interest in getting you to drink? If so, it implies that they feel threatened about their own
drinking behaviour and feel more comfortable when you collude with them. Try to observe (yourself and others) rather than judge.

Do something new: Try to avoid focusing on what you are not doing, by bringing in new activities. Ever wanted to learn to surf, draw, do yoga or learn to cook? Check out the CAE guide or local adult education centre for inspiration.

Small rewards: Think of a reward for when you complete the month such as a massage, facial, pedicure, book, dvd, cd or a ticket to a show.

Ask for help: Think of someonewho can support your choice to take care of your body for the month and clue them up with your plans. If your desire to drink (or take other recreational drugs) feels bigger than your ability to resist consider contacting an organization like Turning Point for some free counseling.

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