Gill Stannard

Friday, August 15, 2008

On “patient identity” and language

I’ve referenced Lene Anderson’s writing before, as I love both her words and point of view on many health and life related matters.

In her latest article, this time over at Health Central, Lene touches on one of favourite issues – the relationship between language and identity, and how it shapes our health. She explores words like “patient” and “sufferer”, in relation to how she views living with a chronic illness.

Being the ornery type, when faced with the choice between letting the disease run my life or fight back the only way I know how, I choose putting myself in control whenever I can. And to me, that means rejecting the label of patient. It means creating an identity that may include having health issues, but not being ill.

Read more of her short article ” Patient Identity & Why I Don't Have One”.

For more of Lene Anderson’s writing and photos check out her blog The Seated View.

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