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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

more on happiness

“What a wonderful life I’ve had! I only wish I’d realized it sooner.” Colette

This latest “thank you” for subscribing to RRR is on happiness because keeping the station on air brings me a lot of joy!

The Happiness Project is a work in progress. Get on board before the book comes out. The only problem is that the site is so packed full of great ideas and links that it makes my head spin!

The Happiness Paradox has been much mentioned in the last couple of years. It points out that in the Western world we are comparatively richer than we were thirty years ago but are not happier. In fact the more money we have tends to predict that we will spend less time doing what makes us happy. The secret to happiness? Being healthy and having good personal relationships.

Our plan at home to Turn the TV OFF for a Month, has been extended. I’ve lost count how long but it must be more than three now since the box got relegated to gather dust in storage. Shoot me for my lack of patriotism but I lived happily without seeing a single bit of sport during the Olympic games! The main motivator was to not spend mealtimes with the news on in the background, for better conversation and easier digestion. We swapped the TV for radio – RRR of course, some classical (ABC and MBS), a touch of PBS and the ipod. For news, there is the internet and ABC News radio (it gives a world news summary every 15 minutes during the day) at the time we choose, not when the station schedules it. As an added bonus ABC TV now archives many of its popular programs on their website.

US studies show that two thirds of people are dissatisfied with their working life. There are some great tips in this article to help find Happiness at Work. My tip is to always take a lunch break, even if it is only twenty minutes. Get away from your desk, leave the building, interact with the weather – healthy food and a break helps give you perspective and energy to work better through the rest of your day.

The Economy of Laziness: I was amused by this suggestion on the (US) PBS “Affluenza” site: “Understand and practice the economy of laziness. Give in when you’re tempted to NOT put up Christmas lights, NOT cook like Martha Stewart, NOT keep your car clean and polished, NOT have a weed- and bug-free lawn.”

Here’s some more musings on happiness from earlier in the year. Add your thoughts to the list.

If any of these thoughts and links brings some joy to your day, pass the page on to someone you like.

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