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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Gorgeous grains and what to do with them

Don’t know your quinoa from your amaranth? No idea what grains are safe to serve your friend who’s been diagnosed as a coeliac? I’ve found a great primer in grains – from American food site Culinate. This article goes through twenty different type of grains, shows you what they look like and suggests how you can cook with them. Many of the featured grains are also gluten-free.

What to do with grains once you've bought them

Need some inspiration about what to do with some of these grains? Here’s a few recipes that have caught my eye.

Wild Rice and Celeriac Soup from Nourish Me. While you are there take a look at the whole swag of great recipes that Lucy has devised.

Grandma’s Grains a whole heap of grains cooked together. This simple dish is enchanting and enticing, as are many of the other delights at 101 cookbooks.

Millet, Almonds and Pumpkin Pilaf another one dish, vegan wonder.

Farro with Mushrooms and Thyme is on the stove at Kalyn’s kitchen. Farro is a type of whole wheat often found on the shelves of the many Italian grocery stores in Melbourne. Finally, I’ve found something enticing to do with it!

Buying tip

Oxfam has 23 shops around Australia. Often hidden away at the back is a some great Fairtrade food items. Other than all the delicious chocolate (that can be eaten with the warm glow that comes from making an ethical purchase) this is one of the best places to buy quinoa – both regular and red.

For Melbourne listeners – shops located within transmitter range currently include: Walk Arcade in the city, Geelong, Knox, Southland, Carlton, Doncaster and Camberwell.

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