Gill Stannard

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Health Trip – 2 June & National Porridge Day

We are slipping in an extra show this week so Nicole and I can take a bit of a break next week for the public holiday. Today is the first day of winter and fans of Flip Shelton might know that she has deemed it “National Porridge Day”. What better way to welcome the wintery weather with a hot bowl of porridge? Her new five-grain combo can even be made without cooking, how good is that!

On the show this week we will cover territory away from the kitchen and look at all things to do with muscles. In the colder weather we tend to move our bodies less and all that lying around encourages this vital part of our body protest. Tune in at the usual time of 10.30 on Monday morning for some relief for aching muscles and a mini guide to remedial therapies.

Now, back to bed to celebrate National Porridge Day!


David said...

Thanks for you info re- veg diet and variety in grains. I found great inspiration in your site and links as well as

I will definitely be mixing it up this winter.

Gill Stannard Naturopath said...

It's a pleasure David - here's the link to the rest of the vego resources:

I really must put a google search function on the site!