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Friday, December 21, 2007

holiday time

The clinic is shut and my bags are packed. It is holiday time for some of us.

Thanks for your support this year. I will be heading off for just over 3 weeks, reopening City Natural Therapies on Tuesday 15th January 2008.

Health Trip will be back on air on Monday 21st January. Feel free to leave a comment if there are any topics you would like me to cover. I love feedback, so don't feel shy if you have any suggestions or words of support.

A client mentioned this week that she appreciated what I said on my last show, talking about the hype of the Xmas season. The programs aren't scripted and sometimes our conversations meander off topic. Most of what we talked about was off the cuff, so I listened to the podcast (something I almost never do) to remind myself of the ground we covered. I surprise even myself sometimes!

I hope you find time to recharge your batteries over the festive season. My wish is for a mix of family, friends, solitude, reflection, laughter, walking the leg-aching hills of my hometown and some good old fashioned sleep.

What do you wish for?

See you next year,


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