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Monday, March 19, 2007

Health Trip Top 5 Health Tips

Want to make some healthy changes the easy way? Here are my Top 5 simple tips to make your body a little happier.

1. Downsize your glasses

It seems we have supersized most fluids these days except water, which most of us always need more of. With the exception of H2O, switch your glasses, cups and take away requests to the smallest size.

Alcohol: A standard unit in this country means 100 ml of (12% alcohol) wine, a 30 ml single nip of spirits or 285 ml of full strength beer (often a stubby or can is actually 1.5 standard drinks). Swap the big bucket shape wine glasses for daintier ones or only half fill the large ones (which is how they were designed to be used).

Coffee: Stick to a single shot espresso, or equivalent. Ditch the mugs or large sized coffees dished up at some of the big chains.

Soft drink: Do you really need to have one at all?

2. Replace 1 for 2

If you are trying out a diet without a common food, make sure you bring in at least 2 healthy alternatives for each food you take out.

For example: Wheat-free? Try quinoa and millet.
Dairy-free? Try tempeh and chickpeas.
Meat-free? Try fish and beans.

3. The “once a week” rule

So you have identified a daily habit that is not beneficial for you and you want to change it but feel bereft at the thought of giving it up? The “once a week” rule is to have the best quality, small quantity of the food, drink or substance you are eliminating, just once a week. Enjoy every moment of it when you do it.

4. Nibble on nuts

If you can’t have a small meal every 4 hours, the best way to keep your blood sugar stable and moods in check is to eat a handful of nuts and seeds. Always choose raw nuts, as these have the best oil content. Nuts are low GI and break down slowly – perfect to keep you going til your next meal.

5. Start the day with the juice of half a lemon in warm water

If you do a web search on this one you’ll find a fair amount of mythology. The fact is that the bitter receptors in your tongue are triggered by the bitterness in the lemon and send a signal to your liver to swing into action. What’s more it tastes good and is refreshing. The point of the water being warm, is that it takes less energy to have fluids at blood temperature, rather than cool drinks.


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