Gill Stannard

Monday, October 06, 2008

Health Trip – 13 October

Music has always been said to be good for the soul but now science is getting in on the act. This week on Health Trip I look at how the right tunes can help premature babies breathe better, listening to Mozart raises your IQ and working out to Dancing Queen helps get you fit, faster.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Gill,

Would love you to look at the health and psychological impacts of eating disorders since they are such a massive problem and the victims are younger and younger. The whole obesity epidemic and hysteria has backfired into a society who is scared of food and trusting their own instincts! I was an obsessive exerciser and ended up diagnosed with anorexia. I don't want others to suffer in silence! Hope you can raise the topic in coming weeks.

Gill Stannard Naturopath said...

Hi, thanks for your show suggestion. Anorexia nervosa is a very important subject but the naturopathic input is limited. While we can support a client who is willing to take herbs or supplements (in my experience not everyone will), primary treatment for this condition needs to be psychologically based.

While I have worked with many people with a history of eating disorders and believe there is a lot we can offer through the recovery stage, it would be misleading to suggest naturopathy is in any way a stand alone or replacement treatment for this condition. As this is potentially fatal and many sufferers stay in denial until they are forced into treatment - I'd prefer not to cover this topic right now.

Your story is an important one. Thanks for raising awareness.

For others reading this who are looking for help, check out the following link.
Helpline (03) 9885 0318 / 1300 550 236