Gill Stannard

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Healthtrip – 1 September

With all the excitement of radiothon almost over, the show goes back to normal next week for your usual dose of radio naturopathy and talkback. By special request, I will be looking at gums as a barometer of our health.

Tune in to RRR (102.7 FM) this Monday morning at 10.30 to find out more.


Anonymous said...

dear Gil,
I would like to say that I thought your discussion regarding immunisation was very balanced and thoughtful. I have been a child care professional for nearly 20 years, and am very pro immunisation because of the preventable illnesses that I have come across. Thank you for your fair and even appraoch.

Gill Stannard Naturopath said...

Thanks. Immunisation is a very tough topic to discuss in only a few minutes. Whatever my own choices are I firmly believe only the parents can make the decision as to when, how or whether to not - immunise their child.

However, finding unbiased information as to the cons of vaccination in this country is a huge issue and I am concerned about the level of informed consent, or lack of, in this country. As the caller said "I was bullied into vaccinating my child". This shouldn't happen in a democratic society.

The Australian Vaccination Network is the organisation I mentioned on air, offering the other side to the debate.