Gill Stannard

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

killer flu?

Just a reminder amidst the hoopla that is surrounding the recent possible flu related deaths - if you have had this season's flu vaccine you are not covered for this strain of the virus. A spokeswoman from CSL conceded to The Age today that they got it wrong.

The components of the vaccine each year are always a gamble. The guess is that the most prevalent influenza strain the previous season in Europe will be viralent during the Australian winter. Once again, this has proved to be incorrect.

Influenza is different from a heavy cold. But for either virus it may be worth taking some prophylactic immune boosters like vitamin c, cod liver oil and perhaps echinacea (especially at the first sign of any infection). Try decreasing your sugar and alcohol intake and if all those around you are succumbing to a bug - remember to do regularly handwashing (with soap and water for at least 30 seconds) and have a few early nights so you don't tax your immune system.

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