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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Health Trip - 2 April

How are you feeling? This week on Health Trip we will explore ways to raise your spirits. Just how in touch with your body, mind and spirit are you?

Tune in this Monday morning at 10.30, during the Long Grass Sessions - for naturopathic advice and talkback.

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Anonymous said...

To vaccinate or not?I have a 4 mth old baby and wondered if you could clarify what vaccinations may be useful,for babies/children in particular.I am alarmed that there so many vaccines prescribed from birth onwards.I have refused the Hepatitus for starters as it was totally unecessary due to the fact that my baby is at such a low/no risk.I am finding it difficult to get any sensible/unbiased info on the topic.I would like to get some facts and make up my own mind,and the "official" literature that has been handed out to me of course never talks about the serious side effects of the vaccine,only the illness.It seems there hasn't been a lot of research on the effects the vaccines have on babies and this is of great concern considering their immature immune system.I've heard that no accurate records are being kept and also that detrimental effects of vaccines are being supressed.
Have we started vaccinating our children at a much younger age?My mum can't remember when I first got vaccines when I was growing up in the late 60s,and it doesn't seem right that there are so many vaccines and mostly in cocktail form with new vaccines being invented and added every year.When will it end.....
I feel that each disease and vaccine plus also my childs risk factor needs to be looked at individually rather than looking at just a mass immunisation.
Under these circumstances I have decided to wait a while.Help!

Health Trip said...

Yes you are right, we are immunising much younger now, in Australia at least. Countries like Japan have a different schedule (of both what and when). I believe the changes in the schedule are due to public health policies rather than the wellbeing of individual children. The idea is getting them on the vaccination wagon before the mother slips through the net after her 6 week post partum check up.

It is very hard to get unbiased, unemotive information about immunisation. It is even enshrined in federal legislation that your doctor will not be prosecuted for NOT giving you information about side effects from the vaccines. That is one interesting law, don't you think.

There is no right or wrong answer about how you choose to take care of your children's health, but it is next to impossible to get a balanced veiw on the subject.

You have the 'for' side, the most coherent 'against' in Australia is through this organisation

I do discuss vaccinations from time to time on Health Trip. It is the most contentious topic in the whole health agenda. When new information arises I will cover it again.

A final thought. Vaccination does not have to be all or nothing. You can take your time and give your child single vaccinations as you see appropriate, at a time you think is right for them. You may be told otherwise (especially about single valent shots), though the only thing is you may have to pay for them yourself.