Gill Stannard

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Health Trip 6 November

Have you had a bad year of bugs doing the rounds from childcare and school? Want to know some tips to stop the cycle in its tracks? This week on Health Trip I'll be talking about the prevention and treatment of gastro and respiratory infections that kids bring home to share with their family and friends. Tune in at the slightly earlier time of 10.25am (just for this week) and hear the easy nutrition, herbal and lifestyle tips - and don't forget to call in for talkback.

UPDATE: The take home message from this show was very simple and one where Complementary and Orthodox medicine share one voice. WASH YOUR HANDS. Not just once but as often as you can. This is the most effective measure to stop the institution bug cycle.

A tip from the Oprah show. Most of us give the hands only a cursory (dare I say it, almost homoeopathic!) wash. To be fully effective we need to wash for about the time it takes to sing "Happy Birthday". If this song drives you crazy, get your kids to make up their own handwashing song. Don't forget to use some soap - my favourite is a mild liquid soap with some added thyme oil (a great antibacterial - available from a good aromatherapy supplier, about 30 drops in a standard pump bottle is enough)and remember to get between your fingers as well.


James said...

just caught the show for the first time today and thought it was bloody fantastic, keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gill,

IUnfortuantely I missed your program on how to combat the nasties from childcare. Are you able to post some tips and hints?

Many Thanks,