Gill Stannard

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Health Trip 20 November

Time to put your best foot forward this summer...This week on Health Trip tune in to hear how to treat tinea, discoloured toe nails, swollen and achy feet with nutrition, herbs and hydrotherapy.

Health trip, this Monday morning at 10.30, during the Long Grass Sessions, RRR 102.7 (see links on the left for local time and streaming).

A word on calling in

It is a delight to have been able to do talkback on RRR for almost 15 years. The questions give me a chance to challenge my knowledge and hopefully provide listeners with some simple first steps to attempt to obtain better health. Most of the advice I give is straightforward diet and lifestyle tips, which is safe and easy to follow.

Of course, not every question can be comprehensively answered in such limited time and in many cases it is important to get a clear diagnosis from your own naturopath or doctor (and in some cases dentist or vet).

Sometimes, listeners are tempted to call me in the clinic to get some on the spot advice. In a busy practice, where my time is put aside for clients, it can sometimes be difficult to provide this free service - so please could you keep your questions for talkback.


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