Gill Stannard

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Health Trip 28 August

We take a bit of a detour this week in Health Trip and have a look at the role of ritual in everyday life. Most of us have many unconscious rituals - whether it be sitting down to read the paper on the weekend with a cup of coffee or going to the pub on Friday night to signify the end of the working week. When we become aware of what these regular acts represent, we can use them to encourage positive wellbeing.

There are times in our life when we can consciously use ritual to help with challenges like change or loss. An early miscarriage for example, can leave us bereft for a being we haven't had a chance to yet get to know - but our culture has not structure to help us work through these feelings. Understanding the role of ritual, helps us create meaningful markers for the events in our life.

To hear more, tune into RRR at 10.30 am this Monday.

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