Gill Stannard

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Health Trip 19 December

If you haven't noticed already it is party season. Love it or hate it, it is hard to ignore it. For the final Health Trip of 2005, I will be sharing a healthy survival guide to the season. Tune in this Monday at 10.30am (EST) and listen. Even better, call in from where in the world you are and say Hello on + 61 3 93881027.

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Mallrat said...

Yey, Gill has a blog. good one, shall trip in regularly.
somethigni wanted to share with you.
I recently went out with an acquaintance, promised to take her and her one year old kid to the collingwood children's farm. First stop at her instigation, Maccas. Now I'm not fast food fascist, but giving a one year old Coke and fries got me really distressed. same with the cherry ripe at KMart later. uh oh. I am thinking of broachign the subject gently with her - the soft drink stuff, but jeez, it-s a tough one. especially when you don-t have kids yourslf, you lay yourself open to the charge of preaching. anyway, I have heard that soft drinks - as well as containiheaps of sugar an caffeine - also increase the risk of bone erosion, because the calcium, phosphate ratio is out of whack.Bad news all round really.